Full Service Hurricane & High Impact Window Protection Company

Welcome to Hurricane Home Protection Inc. Our customized hurricane shutters fit any single-family home, condominium or business. All of our shutter systems provide extraordinary strength and stability for hurricane and home security protection.


We Specialize on High-Rise Installation

Hurricane Protection Inc High-Rise Buildings and Condominiums. We have over 20 years of experience installing and servicing hurricane shutters, panels & high impact windows for residential and commercial buildings, including high-rise condos.


About Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection Inc. is designed to provide quality links to reputable companies that can provide the best in accordian, roll, panels and other types of shutters. Our pricing guidelines are generally done by the square foot and should give you a fair assement of what a reputable shutter dealer will charge you.

Why Hurricane Home Protection Inc.?

We design, measure, manufacture, install and provide an after sales warranty on all our products. We are licensed and insured.

  •   Accordion Shutters
  •   Bahama Shutters
  •   High Impact Windows
  •   Roll Up Shutters
  •   Storm Panels