While Florida is already into hurricane season, you may be thinking it’s time for a window upgrade. Whether you’re changing the style of your storm shutters or haven’t installed new ones in a while, you may wonder: how much do accordion shutters cost? By trusting Hurricane Home Protection for your accordion hurricane shutters, you know you’ll be getting the best rate in Miami.


An Accordion Shutter For Any Space

Whether you need a shutter for your small business or for your home, there are many different styles and types of accordion shutters. Knowing how large of an area you will need can help you determine the best kind to seek and get an estimate. Most online shops for accordion shutters don’t really go into detail on the price, and it’s mostly due to them being so specific on the dimensions needed. Anything from your specific home or business, type of material, and shutter type can drastically change the prices of accordion shutters. Prices can change as materials can experience occasional hikes in raw material costs and labor. We will go over some of the more common types and list their general estimates depending on the spaces you’re covering.


Accordion Shutters’ Price

Storm panels are going to be the basic level of protection for your home or business, and roll-downs, Colonial and Bahama being the more expensive varieties. For middle grade level of protection, accordion shutters will give you more value for your money while offering more protection than storm panels. Storm panels are the most economical option, and are made of corrugated panels that overlap to protect your doors and windows. These panels typically range from $10-15 a square foot, depending on the area and what it is made of.


Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum. They open and close horizontally, expanding and compressing, like an accordion. Unlike storm panels, accordion shutters will be permanently installed. They can be locked either from the inside or the outside of the shutter, and run smoothly over a track system, making it easy to open and close. The added cost of accordion shutters to storm panels is due to their installation needs, and also more features and components compared to the more basic models. Accordion shutters’ price varies depending on the amount of materials being used, the specific size and what features you need. But expect them to range anywhere from $16-20 per square foot.


Higher Priced Models

If you are interested in additional protection, roll-down shutters may be right choice for you. Roll-down shutters open and close vertically, and come permanently installed. They are easy to use as they can be manually controlled or electronically opened and closed. Some can even be linked to your phone using a mobile app. They offer heavy duty protection along with other features and benefits. They range from $25-29 a square foot, depending on the space. Figuring out how much square footage you will need to protect this hurricane season can give you a rough estimate of how much accordion shutters will cost you. The next step will be getting into contact with a reputable hurricane shutter installation company, like Hurricane Home Protection, to help you get the protection you need.


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