Estate Entry Doors

Estate Entry Doors

If you live in a Gulf Coast state such as Florida, you know all about “Hurricane Season” – that time of year from June 1st through November when the Atlantic Ocean spawns hurricanes and tropical storms in seemingly rapid succession. Some years are mild, others severe; but why take a chance? A major storm can cause extensive damage to your home. This recurrent, seasonal catastrophe can be prepared for – and bested – with a little bit of protective gear. Hurricane Home Protection’s Estate Entry Doors give Miami residents an edge over storm damage while adding value to your home all year long.

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With Estate Entry Doors, Miami Residents Can Be Prepared

The peak of hurricane season ranges from August until late October. With modern meteorology, we know when a hurricane is imminent and can make those final preparations. You need to prepare your house from the potential for storm surges, power outages, and sustained winds of 75-150 mph. With such gale-force ferocity, trees and foreign debris can be hurled into your house, straight through your window panes. Leaving your windows unprotected is not only unsafe, but it can also cost you a fortune to replace and recover the damage. Your safest option is to install strong shutters on your windows, which can be quickly and efficiently deployed at the first sign of a hurricane.

Estate Entry Doors Are A Safe And Practical Solution

It’s common practice to board up one’s house with plywood sheets at the sign of a portending storm. But nailing plywood to your windows takes time and is unsightly at any other point in the year. Since you live in an area of high hurricane recurrence, it is far more practical to install shutters to your windows. Estate Entry Doors are made from extruded aluminum and are tough enough to weather any storm system. These shutters are mounted just above your windows and open out at a 45-degree angle. You won’t need to hide these shutters from the public eye since they are available in punchy colors that can coordinate with your home’s existing style. More importantly, the shutters are easy to close in the case of a storm and far more effective at deflecting weather damage than your average plywood plank.

Update Your Home With Estate Entry Doors

Far from simple utilitarian value, Estate Entry Doors give your house a tropical flair and an economic update. Besides protecting from debris, the shutters also provide shade and keep your house cool. The horizontal slats allow you to see through the shutter when it is propped open. You’ll want to work with our team of consultants to ensure the shutters you choose perfectly fit the style and palate of your house. With Estate Entry Doors, your house can retain its original character while functioning as a fortress in the time of a storm.

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