What Are High Impact Windows?

High impact windows (Hurricane impact windows) are windows designed to resist high winds, hurricanes, and fast-moving projectiles. They are also referred to as high-impact storm windows, not impact-resistant windows.

Impact Windows are a common feature in many homes in Florida. If you live in Miami, Florida, or any other city vulnerable to hurricanes you will benefit from installing these hurricane impact windows.

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How Much Pressure Can High Impact Windows Withstand?

The amount of pressure a hurricane impact window can withstand is dependent on its placement and size. These hurricane-resistant windows are made using laminated glass and heavy-duty frames.

The glass used has an inner core that is bonded to two outer sheets. These impact windows may crack during a hurricane when hit by a blunt force. However, the windows will not break because of their strong inner layer.

In addition to that, impact windows usually have to undergo resistance tests after they are made. These tests include wind simulation, large missile impact, and small missile impact. After testing the window is given a design pressure (DP) rating.

This rating ranges between 20 to 70 DP. Impact windows with this kind of rating can withstand up to 200mph wind pressure. For professionally tested Miami high-impact windows contact Hurricane Home Protection Inc.


Benefits Of Installing High Impact Windows In Miami

For Home Protection

Miami, Florida is among the top cities in the USA that are always affected by hurricanes. You will therefore need to install hurricane impact windows to protect your home from hurricanes. These hurricane impact windows will further help to minimize the risk of structural damage to your home.


For Home Modification

Impact Windows are more attractive as compared to window protection panels. If you choose to install high-impact windows you’ll not need to add hurricane shutters to your home. So if you’re looking to have a beautiful and well-protected home choose our Miami high-impact windows.


For Home Security

Other than protecting houses from hurricanes and tropical storms, impact windows also protect them from burglars. The truth is high-impact windows could crack from blunt attacks but they surely won’t break.

When homeowners install impact windows they will not have to use iron bars as a method of burglar prevention.


For Noise Reduction

Lastly, impact windows help to reduce unwanted outside noise. This is made possible by their thick layer of glass and sealed frames.


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