If your home is looking for an upgrade this coming year, now is the best time to install hurricane windows. You may think that most remodeling jobs can be done all year long, but there are ideal weather conditions you need to take into consideration when thinking about your remodeling timeline on your home. Hurricane Home Protection offers the best high impact windows in Miami, Florida, and can help get your home upgraded and ready for the upcoming hurricane season. 


High Impact Windows in Miami

It’s no surprise that you may be thinking of installing new windows for your home. Anyone in Florida knows how extreme the weather can get, and having your home protected and secure each hurricane season gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on everything else. Whether your windows are old and are needing replacement, or if you’ve been lucky so far in not having much in the way of high impact protection on your windows, now is the best time to get your new windows installed before any rainfall or inclimate weather begins. 


Installing Hurricane Windows

The best time to install high impact windows in Miami or any area of Florida is during it’s dry season. This will vary from other states as Florida experiences a seasonal shift of wet and dry seasons throughout a few months, similar to other countries like the Philippines that experience a monsoon season. Most other states can conduct remodeling projects during the spring to avoid winter temperatures and avoid the summer’s intense heat, Florida’s best remodeling time frames range from December to mid-May. This avoids most, if any of the seasonal shifts, which typically starts in May and lasts till October. Throughout May to October, Florida can experience heavy rains, receiving nearly 60-70% of their annual rainfall during this period. Additionally, these months correlate with hurricane season, causing the season to play host to some of the most dangerous weather Floridians will experience all year. As such, south Floridians should plan on having any window installation done during the dry season, when temperatures are moderate, with daily averages in the 70s and only dropping to around the 50s overnight. These conditions offer lower humidity levels, offering the best opportunity for any remodeling project. 


Humidity and Installation

Rain affects window installation by putting even more humidity into an already arid and humid climate. This high increase in humidity and moisture can increase the likelihood that wooden frames will swell and warp, leaving behind the possibility of a crooked window placement. Caulking, fillers, or silicone adhesives may not harden properly either with the added amount of moisture which may leave the surface too wet, leading to imperfect sealing of your windows as well. There may even be dramatically open holes in your window installation, leaving gaps where water can enter your home. Ensuring a tight and humid free window installation will get you the windows you want faster and more efficiently, giving you time to focus on other things around the house. 


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