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If you live in the Southeast part of the United States, you are well aware of the time of year dubbed “Hurricane Season,” spanning June 1st through November. Although each season features storm systems of varying strength, hardly a year goes by without a heavy-hitting storm that causes extensive damage. Because of their recurrent nature, hurricanes can take a toll on your home. With Hurricane Home Protection’s accordion shutters, Miami residents can protect their windows from hurricane-force winds – and from the projectiles which result.

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Why Accordion Shutters Help Miami Residents Prepare

Hurricane season hits its three-month peak from August until the end of October. Considering the recurring nature of hurricanes, a wise Miami homeowner will make a plan for preparing his or her house in the face of a portending hurricane. Meteorologists can estimate the path of a hurricane far in advance, leaving you time to prepare your house for what could be a catastrophic event. Hurricanes bring storm surges, power outages, and sustained winds of 75-150 mph. Trees, debris from other homes, and even patio furniture can end up being blown into your house and through the glass in your windows. Besides being highly unsafe, such damage is expensive to fix. Your safest bet is to protect your windows quickly and easily at the first sign of high force winds, and the best way to do that is to use accordion shutters.

The Safe Simplicity
of Shutters

You might be familiar with the common practice of boarding up a house with plywood sheets on the eve of a bad storm. Although cheap, this option is laborious, temporary, and not nearly as durable as protecting a house with aluminum and steel. Accordion shutters are essentially exterior curtains for your windows – collapsible, impenetrable, and sufficient to cover not just a window but an entire balcony in one go. Available in neutral colors, these curtains won’t detract from the beauty of your house as tacky plywood does. More importantly, the aluminum and stainless-steel construction is strong enough to deflect objects hurtling at hurricane-speed winds before they penetrate your home. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a fortress, a house outfitted with aluminum curtains is the next best thing.

The Versatility of Shutters

You can utilize your shutters during the hurricane off-season also. Use your shutters to protect your patio furniture from weather damage, keep out intruders and thieves, or block out harmful UV rays from picture windows and doors. You can opt to install your accordion shutters with permanent tracks or tracks you remove when the season is over. Although the materials themselves might seem pricey, you’ll be saving on installation cost since the shutters are simple enough to install yourself. Besides, replacing a window and compensating for wind and water damage is a much bigger bill to foot.

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