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Welcome to Hurricane Home Protection Inc. Our customized hurricane shutters fit any single-family home, condominium or business. All of our shutter systems provide extraordinary strength and stability for hurricane and home security protection.


Our Bertha High-Velocity Accordion Shutters are First Class in the market against hurricane defense and at a price that you can proudly stand behind.

Estate Entry Doors

Our Estate Entry Door lineup offers you the hurricane protection you need with the luxurious curb appeal you crave.

Impact Windows and Doors

Impact Windows and Doors offer more value than just hurricane protection. With the added energy savings and security protection, it’s the investment that provides.

About Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection Inc. is designed to provide quality links to reputable companies that can provide the best in accordion, roll-up, panels, and other types of shutters. Our services include service and repair, products, supply, professional installations, and custom manufacturing.

The accordion shutters are also great options for openings, doors, and windows, and are secured with a lock and key. Bahama shutters come in aluminum, composite, or wood, and protect your windows from shattering during a storm. Our roll-ups are perfect for the outdoor living space and protect your furniture from rain, sun, and hurricanes.

Our pricing guidelines are generally done by the square foot and should give you a fair assessment of what a reputable shutter dealer will charge you. From our measurements, you’ll receive an estimated rate immediately, based on the number of products or windows you’ll be installing.

We have access to replacement parts and different models to help make your old shutters look brand new. We also do a hurricane inspection and can advise you on the condition and compliance of your protection. Give us a call if something isn’t working right!

The supply includes many different products and a variety of selections, which makes us the best choice for builder and contractor supply. We supply your accordion, roll-up, and panel shutters, as well as metal panels, custom entry doors, and more. We are a licensed general contractor in Florida with custom installation services.

Our extensive knowledge in hurricane protection and precision retrofit installations shine with our methods and make it last a lifetime. Our craftsmen are always training and improving.

High Impact Windows for Residential & Commercial Buildings
High Impact Windows in Miami

We Specialize in High-Rise Installation

Hurricane Protection Inc. provides High-Rise Buildings and Condominiums. We have over 20 years of experience installing and servicing hurricane shutters, panels & high-impact windows for residential and commercial buildings, including high-rise condos.

However, installing your hurricane protection is not something you want to do yourself. Some products, such as shutters, come with challenges when installed onto buildings or homes. There are permits to consider, how the pieces will be installed to the windows, measurements, building codes, and more.

We are licensed professionals who have worked with condominiums before. We make the process as smooth as possible because of the additional challenges of the condo building, and we handle them with ease. We make sure no process is overlooked so you don’t get any additional fees, non-compliant products, or anything needed to have re-done.

We Offer The Best Products, Installation & Customer Satisfaction!

Designed to provide quality links to reputable companies that can provide the best in home protection shutters.

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High Impact Windows

When you hear a hurricane is coming, the first thing on your list is to protect the windows. Even a category 1 hurricane considered “mild” is going to reach up to 95mph. Any violent storms create massive destruction and carry debris with fast winds. Are your windows able to handle that kind of impact?
Broken windows do cost thousands to replace and any damage to your property, as well as the structure. It’s also important to note that poor-quality windows can also threaten the safety of your family or employees.

Impact Window Types

To have quality windows, you need hurricane-tested windows: high-impact. We offer tested impact windows against all types of Florida storms and hurricanes.

  • Single-hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Projected and Casement windows
  • Horitzonal roller windows

Each window comes with benefits and choices of standard or premium. The frames made with vinyl and aluminum meet the impact-resistant requirements of Florida Building Codes. The other models include added insulation and more than one pane, with coating options of energy-efficient varieties. 


Our glass types include designed types, which includes:

  • Obscure
  • Turtle
  • Rain
  • Frosted
  • Clear
  • Gray
  • Bronze
  • Blue

We also have different tints and glazes.

Each is a variety of different designs and architectural styles. The mountings are also optional with a Colonial and Brittany look. Keep your home and business protected with style and high-impact windows.

How Secure Are My Windows?

Tempered glass is heated to 1300 degrees and it’s cooled immediately, creating a glass resistant to impact and variations in temperature. Compared to standard glass, when broken, it breaks into tiny cube shapes and makeing it far safer than dangerous large pieces.
It is approximated that tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger and is titled “safety glass” due to how it breaks. While it is stronger than annealed, it’s technically not hurricane resistant, and needs some kind of hurricance shutter.

Laminated glass comes in three layers: two layers of glass with strong polyvinyl butrayl, with an interlayer bonded with heat and pressure. This strong interlayer keeps the glass stuck in place when broken, and each thickness of layer depends on the application. It is the highest standard of impact resistance in the country and window manufacturer.

The laminated insulated glass is two layers, and the outer layer is laminated glass with inner layer of standard glass filled, then with Argon gas for insulation. They provide protection from impacts like their single paneled counterparts, and they have the benefit of sound and temperature control. If you want both energy efficiency and protection, this window may be for you.

Polycarbonate or optical-grade acrylic are better alternatives compared to glass windows. Their sheeting is light, high-strength, and lower cost. They offer great benefits like laminated and tempered glass in the sense they don’t break easily, and it holds together rather than breaking into dangerous shards. They can withstand 17 times the impact of traditional glass.

Miami Hurricane Protection Services

Why Hurricane Home Protection Inc.?

We design, measure, manufacture, install and provide an after-sales warranty on all our products. We are licensed and insured.

Accordion Shutters

Estate Entry Doors

High Impact Windows

Roll Up Shutters

Storm Panels


So impressed!! After getting a quote from several places, the best service and price was HHP by far. They charged about 3\4th what Home Depot was charging. Everyone at the office was super informative and Domingo really does a great job at explaining the differences in window types. The best part was how quick the installation process was. It took them a day to install and the inspector was checking the very next day. They work efficiently and cleanly. Minimal dust was a great plus!!! We will definitely recommend them to everyone we know!!
A++! Yesenia and Domingo have been amazing through this whole process. Upfront pricing (affordable too!). Met all the deadlines and showed up on time every time. The quality of the windows is top notch too! You won’t be disappointed.
We generally recommend hiring a contractor with a score higher than 95, and I researched a lot when I found Hurricane Home Protection. They had a score 112 on BuildZoom, which places them above 97% of the contractors in Florida. We had a great experience with Domingo, and he helped us find the right type of installation. He didn’t mind all the questions I had when I pestered him. It was a quick process to install for about a couple days, and the work was very quality. Definitely recommend them to all our friends!

Trust Hurricane Home Protection.

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