Impact windows are often, at times, more costly than regular windows. Price is always a factor when choosing between impact windows in Miami vs. standard windows. While this could save you money in the short term, your window is what stands between you and the harsh elements outside your home. Installing Impact windows will ensure that your window can withstand high winds and flying objects when hurricane season comes. Below are features you should know about impact windows vs. regular windows.


Impact Windows Vs. Regular Windows

Hurricanes in Miami are more than just a threat to your home. You need to protect your loved ones and home investment. Moreover, Miami’s impact window will keep up with Florida building codes. Regular windows do not offer protection and are not compliant with the building codes.

  • Design of Impact windows in Miami

Hurricane impact windows in Miami have to have shatter-resistant glass. The glass is in a strong aluminum frame. When high winds send an object to your window, the structure and glass will resist. The second layer of glass on the window allows the outer layer to shutter without glass shards entering your home. The fragments will stick to the membrane between the layers of glass. The membrane is made up of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), and when the outer glass is broken, the shattered pieces will stick to the membrane.

  • Less time in planning

If you have hurricane windows in Miami, you will have less to worry about when a hurricane comes. Time spent securing your regular windows with shutters will be spent stocking up on food or having evacuation plans.

  • Appearance

Regular windows require shutters for protection from storms. The shutters will need storage, and at the time, this will be in plain sight. Unlike Impact windows, regular windows will affect the aesthetic of your home. Our Impact Windows in Miami will ensure your home looks great while protecting your home.

In Miami, hurricane impact windows allow natural light into your home compared to regular windows. When there is a storm, and you find yourself in a blackout. If you have standard windows, the shutters will be closed, and you will be in the dark.

  • Peace of mind

There is a sense of relaxation when enjoying your vacation away from home. You will be stress-free by not thinking of the weather forecast and knowing that the impact windows in your Miami home can protect your home investment.

  • Bonus features

Impact windows are excellent in noise reduction as well as protecting against hurricanes. Our hurricane impact windows in Miami will keep out the noise from your neighbor into late-night karaoke.

Hurricane windows in Miami have two layers of tempered glass bonded by a shatter-proof membrane. They can protect your home from hurricanes and any attempted break-ins. Regular windows will leave your homes vulnerable to intruders.

Living in Florida, you will be affected by hurricanes, and the best decision you can make is to get our hurricane impact windows in Miami.