If you live in Miami, you probably expect a hurricane between 1st June and 30th November. In August and September, it gets worse when the tropical storms start hitting. It can be a level 4 hurricane or a mild one with tides and rains, both of which can cause extensive damage to your home. Using accordion shutters in Miami can protect your home from the impact of hurricanes, minimizing the risk of you losing it.


Why Accordion Shutters In Miami Help Residents Prepare for Hurricane Season

The hurricane does not hit by surprise. It is a predictable season, which gets to its worst in August through October. The smart thing would be to prepare and ensure that you take the necessary measures to keep your home and family safe.

Installing accordion shutters helps you prepare for what could otherwise become a disaster. Hurricanes cause strong winds blowing at speeds as high as 75-150 mph and storm surges.

The winds can blow things like trees, furniture, and other debris into your home. If your windows are unprotected, they can hit someone or stuff in your home.

Accordion shutters will protect your windows and  save the people in your home from getting hit by debris flying through your windows into your home.


The Safe Simplicity Of Accordion Shutters 

Are you afraid of the work it takes to install accordion shutters? Don’t be.

Sure, some people use methods like plywood boarding right before the hurricane, which is tiresome and requires you to remove the plywood to let in sunlight and then repeat the process the next year.

Installing accordion shutters in Miami is a one-time job that protects your family and home for a lifetime. Accordion hurricane shutters Miami are made of aluminum and steel, strong impenetrable metals that protect your home from hurricane impact.

You can install them on the exterior of your windows, doors, balconies, and patios since they can be any length of your choice. While you may install accordion shutters for protection, they also add beauty to your home since they come in neutral colors and lovely designs.  


The Versatility Of Accordion Shutters 

Accordion shutters come in handy through every season. In addition to protecting your home from the hurricane, they also block out the harmful UV rays, protect your home from intruders, and protect your furniture from weather damage.

They offer you the option to remove or keep them after a hurricane by providing permanent and removable tracks.

Installing accordion hurricane shutters in Miami may seem expensive at first, but it can help save you money. Shutters save you the money you could have spent repairing damages from the hurricane.

They are easy to install; thus, you can save money by installing them yourself.


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