Hurricanes can be pretty destructive when they hit. Areas near the ocean are most prone to hurricanes. Therefore, houses especially located in these areas need to be protected from the dangers of hurricanes.

Shielding your home from the dangers of hurricanes is the first step to keeping yourself and your family safe in a hurricane.

Hurricanes come with strong winds and storms that can cause danger to you. The strong winds carry debris with them that can damage your home. If rock debris hits your window and breaks through it, it can hit and hurt someone in the house. Glass debris can also fly in and hurt someone in your home.

Therefore, you must ensure that your windows are intact to not expose anyone in your home during a hurricane to danger.


What Are The Differences Between Hurricane Shutters And Hurricane Windows

Installation Process

Hurricane shutters are installed over the windows, on the outside of the house. They are made to cover the windows. In case of a hurricane, they prevent any debris from hitting through the windows and possibly hurting someone in the house, or destroying things in the house.

Hurricane windows are installed independently, at the same level as the house walls, just like the usual windows. They protect the house and people from debris and stormwater.


Their Strength

Hurricane windows are stronger than hurricane shutters because of the reinforcement they have. For instance, shutters cannot prevent the dangers of hurricanes, including storms, entirely on their own.

On the other hand, hurricane windows can mitigate the dangers of a hurricane without the help of hurricane shutters.


The Cost

Hurricane windows are way more expensive than hurricane shutters. However, it only applies to the initial installation price. This is because, despite hurricane windows being more expensive to install, they save you on insurance premiums for your house.


The Material

Hurricane-rated windows are made of two sheets of toughened glass bonded together with a thin plastic membrane made of polyvinyl butyral. This material allows the window to withstand direct objects, like rock debris in a hurricane.

On the other hand, hurricane shutters are made of metal, specifically aluminum and steel, to protect any debris from getting to the window or through it.


The Winner?

It depends on what you are going for. If your focus is protection from hurricanes, then hurricane windows are your winner. They can hinder the entry of debris into the house and prevent storm waters from getting into the house.

They may be a little pricier than hurricane shutters, but they are worth every dime in the end.

Where Can You Get Hurricane Windows In Miami?

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