If you are wondering – how long do accordion shutters last? The answer is – it depends. Their longevity will depend on how well you take care of them.

South Florida residents enjoy sunny weather and warmth, making Florida a tropical destination throughout the year.

However, extreme storms, heat, and salt air can damage your property if it’s not well-protected with accordion shutters.


What Usually Damages Accordion Shutters In Miami?

Storms and hurricanes destroy accordion shutters in Miami.

The stormy season is commonly known as Hurricane season, which happens from June through November and can cause severe destruction to property.

For this reason, South Florida residents have no choice but to prepare for this by using accordion shutters in Miami. Before installing accordion shutters, get the relevant information from Hurricane Protection Shutter.


Why Do You Need Accordion Shutters?

You need accordion shutters to protect your home from storms and hurricanes. Most people shield their property with accordion shutters in Miami.

Hurricanes are catastrophic; they damage property, cause power outages, and depending on how strong the blowing winds are, tree debris from other places can end up in your yard. In extreme cases, displaced debris blows through your glass windows.

Accordion shutters are a permanent solution to storm destruction, and they’re easy to put up and maintain.

Here is how to keep accordion shutters long-lasting:

  • Test them often – Open and close the shutters once a month to ensure they work well and are free of dirt.
  • Clean the shutters – After confirming your shutter is in good condition, clean the tracks of debris, insects, or nests to avoid inconveniences at the time of need.
  • Perform maintenance on tracks – Use silicone lubricants to keep the moving parts gliding smoothly and avoid oil lube as dirt will build more.
  • Apply lube to thumbscrews – Lubricating thumbscrews make it easy to remove lock pins.
  • Wash slats – Slats are the strong metallic folds covering your windows and doors to protect your property. Open the shutters, then use warm soapy water and brush to wash them twice a year.


Benefits of Accordion Shutters

Before metallic shutters, people used plywood to protect property and keep themselves safe. However, accordion shutters in Miami brought about permanent solutions by using exterior metallic curtains. They are collapsible when not in use, impenetrable by anything.

They come in neutral colors meaning they’ll not interfere with the beauty of your home. Aluminum and steel are robust for anything to penetrate and cause damage. These metallic curtains can protect your patio from harsh sunlight, intruders, and thugs during hurricane off-season.

Installing accordion shutters is easy, and you get to decide which tracks to use; permanent or temporary paths. Permanent tracks provide the best service, and you avoid the hassle of installing and removing them once the season is over.


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