Do you have accordion shutters? Here at Hurricane Home Protection, we tell you how to maintain your shutters so that they stay looking fresh, and so they function properly at all times. Accordion shutters are very beneficial for those who live in hot and humid areas such as Miami because they can protect your home from many harsh elements. Accordion shutters will stop rain, salt, humidity, and many other elements from entering your home, and they even protect places against brutal storms. Not only are they protective, but they are very aesthetically pleasing, so your home will always stay clean inside and out. Other shutters tend to rust, tear, and damage in other ways due to the harsh weather elements, but accordion shutters are meant to withstand them. We offer accordion shutters Miami locals swear by, so you can rest assured that we know how to maintain them properly. Taking care of your shutters is essential, which is why we offer our professional advice. 


How To Maintain Your Shutters Properly 

You are probably wondering how to maintain your accordion shutters so that they stay clean and strong at all times and so they can protect your home to the fullest. We offer accordion shutters Miami residents love, so make sure to follow our tips! First, open and close all of your shutters often so that they move easily over the tracks. This is important for clearing any build-up and trapped debris. Second, clean the track regularly, so that nothing enters your home and that they run nicely. Third, lubricate the tracks with a spray made of silicone so the shutters are extra functional and so they never get stuck. Fourth, lubricate the screws on the shutters so that debris rubs off easily and build-up does not occur. Fifth, gently wash the shutters themselves with soap and warm water so that they stay looking crisp, clean, and so they stay strong. You can wash them with a brush, so they keep their shape but still get a deep cleaning. Regularly maintaining your shutters will provide many benefits. 


They Last Longer 

One of the main reasons that it is important to clean and maintain your accordion shutters has to do with their lifespan. In other words, maintaining your shutters will make them last much longer because they will function like they are brand new at all times. It does not take that much time and effort to have long-lasting shutters that protect your home. 


Protection Is Priority 

It is important to us that your accordion shutters function properly because this means more protection for your home and your family. We offer accordion shutters Miami locals swear by because we know how to maintain them so that they last as long as possible. We understand that not everyone knows how to take care of their shutters, which is why we offer our professional advice, so you can fully benefit from them. 


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Hurricane Home Protection are professionals who tell you exactly how to maintain your shutters so that they can continue to withstand all of the harsh elements in Miami and in other hot and humid climates. Accordion shutters can work wonders if you maintain and clean them regularly, so we hope you gain insight from our advice. Contact us today for more information.