At Hurricane Home Protection, we understand it is of utmost necessity to make appropriate hurricane preparation in  Miami to prevent more loss of lives or property destruction. Countries encourage various hurricane protection services to reduce the calamities of natural disasters worldwide, as some are imminent. According to research, in the 21st century, more states or cases of hurricanes have been witnessed. The US government has tried to take appropriate measures using weather forecasts and some technological gadgets to protect its citizens from natural mayhem. 

The first step to take when dealing with this natural disaster is to educate ourselves about this disaster, and some of the terminologies used when talking about it. Some new residents of the states might not grasp the situation’s level, but a hurricane would be perfectly understood with the elaboration of these terms.

Terminologies To Note During Hurricane Preparation

  • Storm Surge– National Hurricane Centre defines this term as a situation where tides rise over predicted tides. In places where storm surges are predicted, humans are always advised to evacuate the area.
    • Landfall– The difference between landfall and storm surge is landfall are storms over the ocean and are already moving inward into residential areas.
  • Evacuation Zone- After predicting that a hurricane might occur in a place, the government usually takes drastic steps to this prediction. Hurricane protection services and security operatives are always available to help in the evacuation process.
  • Hurricane Eyewall- This is known as the most dangerous part of a hurricane. It is often on water, but if witnessed on land, it is called a direct hit.
  • Hurricane Watch/Warning- This aspect requires expatriates. They are the ones that project if a hurricane would occur in a place or not. That uses effective technological tools in ensuring accuracy in their prediction.

Although there are still more terminologies when discussing hurricane-related topics, you can do personal research on more.

Our Hurricane Protection Products

  • Accordion Shutters- This is a quality, durable material that can serve as a roofing sheet for buildings; they can move horizontally from a higher and lower track.  We use the finest aluminum blade in producing this material so it would protect the shutter walls. 
  • Bahama Hurricane Shutters:- With the help of the product, be rest assured that your building is safe from high winds and rains. Its significant purpose is to serve as a storm shutter to protect household equipment. This product can serve as one of the best lines of defense during hurricanes.
  • Roll-up Shutter–  This is an automated shutter. Your hurricane line of defense is set with just a button touch, very easy to use, and less expensive.
  • Storm Panel- This is a durable product that can withstand any hurricane. It is effortless to set up and help protect lives and properties.
  • High Impact Windows– This product serves a lot of functions at a low price. It can withstand storms, hurricanes, and also protect the house against burglars. They are built with polyvinyl butyral(PVB) interlayers making them very difficult to penetrate.


Why We Are The Best Hurricane Option

Our products are known all over the United States of America and other hurricane-affected geographies; we don’t only produce quality products. We render the best hurricane protection services, and we understand the importance of good customer relationships, so we ensure that.

We employ only the best artisan and provide the best work conditions for them to serve our clients.

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