If you live in Miami, you probably know all about the importance of keeping your home protected from hurricanes and other adverse weather conditions! Miami is incredibly close to the ocean, making hurricane protection services crucial for homeowners in Miami. To learn more about the different types of hurricane protection services in Miami, contact Hurricane Home Protection Inc.


Hurricane Protection Services in Miami: Different Shutter Systems 

There are many different types of hurricane protection systems available today, but hurricane shutters are the most popular. There are many different types of hurricane shutters available, including:


  1. Storm panel shutters. These are steel or aluminum shutters that you attach to the walls around windows and doors. They’re an inexpensive yet reliable solution, costing between $7 – $9 per square foot. However, it’ll take you about 15 minutes to get each window storm-ready, so they’re a pretty time-consuming option.


  1. Accordion shutters. These one or two-piece shutters unfold like an accordion to cover and protect windows. They’re easy to operate, and can even protect against theft! They are relatively easy to set up, taking about 15-30 minutes for the entire house, but you may find them rather bulky. They cost between $15 – $22 per square foot, making them a mid-priced option.


  1. Colonial shutters. Colonial shutters are two-piece louvered shutters that fold together to protect your windows from hurricanes and other storms. But, they only work for windows and will not protect your doors, and are a more expensive option at between $29 – $45 per square foot.


  1. Bahama shutters. These are one-piece louvered shutters that can be lowered during a storm to protect your windows. Some say they block too much light, even when open, and like colonial shutters, they cannot protect doors. These are another mid-priced option, costing between $24 – $35 per square foot.


  1. Roll-down shutters. Roll-down shutters offer some of the best protection against storms. They roll up and down, either by cranking or using a push button, and are stored in a box above the window when not in use. They are the most expensive type of shutters at between $30 – $45 per square foot.


Other Types of Hurricane Protection Services

If you’re not sold on hurricane shutters, you have a couple of other options available. Some alternatives include:


  1. Hurricane impact glass. Impact glass is made in a way where the outside may break, but a center layer prevents a hole from forming. Impact glass must be installed professionally and can cost anywhere between $45 – $75 per square foot.


  1. Hurricane fabric. These are window coverings made of a high-tech fabric that provides light and visibility but protects your windows from high winds. This must also be installed professionally, and costs between $10 – $35 per square foot.


What’s the Best Type of Hurricane Protection?

The best type of hurricane protection depends on your budget, protection needs, and home’s style. Hurricane shutters are the most budget-friendly option, but impact glass will still allow visibility through windows during a storm. Be sure to thoroughly consider all options before making a decision.


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