Want to keep your family and home safe during hurricane seasons? Join thousands of homeowners who turn to us for their hurricane windows around Miami. At Hurricane Home Protection, we specialize in providing families with premium security against hurricanes and would-be intruders. We manufacture, supply, install, and repair hurricane windows of varying styles to add beauty and premium safety to any home design. All of our products offer the quality and durability we are recognized for in the country. So whether you need impact-resistant windows, vinyl and aluminum frames, or energy-efficient options, we’ve got your back!

Our Hurricane Windows Around Miami

When it comes to frames, our hurricane windows are available in energy-efficient vinyl and heavy-duty aluminum. Engineered with durable materials, our impact window options offer reliable performance and minimal maintenance. While we ensure that homeowners obtain safety from their hurricane windows, we recognize the need to provide aesthetically appealing designs. From traditional to architectural styles, we’ve got hurricane windows that look good in Miami. In addition, all our products are designed to meet the Miami-Dade codes and regulations. Thus, professional builders and homeowners can trust our hurricane windows in Miami.

Why Invest In Our Hurricane Windows?

  • Security- Our hurricane windows do more than shield you from the impact of the hurricane. It also protects you from would-be intruders. Our impact windows stay glued to their frame even when a heavy object strikes them.
  • Reduce Energy Costs- Our products can dramatically enhance energy efficiency. For example, if you take advantage of our hurricane windows, you can comfortably reduce more than 10% on your monthly energy expenses.
  • Less Noise Disruption- Since our impact window doesn’t transmit sounds, you can be sure of quiet and less distraction noise from storms and other outdoor noises like traffic, lawnmowers, construction, parties, and more.
  • UV Ray Reduction- Home furnishings and other items constantly exposed to sunlight will fade away with time. But with impact windows, you can eliminate up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays. This keeps your décor secured and protected, saving you from continuous replacement.
  • Smart Investment- Hurricane windows lower your insurance costs and, at the same time, offer better resale value.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience- With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and installing hurricane impact windows, we have the in-depth knowledge needed to deliver top-notch services and a reputation you can trust.
  • Quality Workmanship- Our attention to detail and customer service is the best.
  • Energy Star Rated- Our hurricane windows are energy-efficient and guaranteed to keep your monthly energy bills in check.
  • Professional Installer- Our professional installers are insured, background checked, and factory certified in installing hurricane windows.

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With Hurricane Home Protection by your side, you no longer have to worry about hurricane storms and would-be intruders! You can choose from our wide range of hurricane windows around Miami and experience the peace of mind most homeowners with impact-resistant windows have. For further information on our after-sale guarantee and how our professional Miami hurricane window installers will install your windows, contact us now!