Do you live in a hurricane-prone region and are looking for the best window for protection? You can either invest in impact windows or regular windows. But what option will make a difference in your preparation for storms and other harsh weather conditions? Experts at Hurricane Home Protection in Miami have compared the two to help you figure out the option worth the investment. Need hurricane windows and other hurricane protection services? Call us now!

What Are Impact Windows?

Hurricane impact windows or storm-resistant windows are designed to shield your home from impending storms. Windows designed to resist strong winds, tropical storms, and even hurricanes come with impact-resistant glass coated with an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) layer that functions as a protective barrier. In the event where the intensity of the storm is high, it can lead to a crack, but the window will not shatter into minuscule shards. Instead, it will stay whole inside its frame. What does that mean? Even if an impact window is damaged, it wouldn’t stop it from offering the needed protection your home needs.

But what exactly is impact glass? Well, the primary contributor to the effectiveness and strength of a storm-resistant window is the impact glass. The impact glass is designed of double panes of glass laminated together. It is this glass that is reinforced with a layer of EVA or PVB between them. These prevent them from shattering.

What Are Normal Windows?

Normal windows or standard windows utilize only a layer of glass that can shatter under harsh weather. It wouldn’t only break, but shatter. When the glass shatters, your home will be affected by wind and water. Needless we mention that both little and large pieces of glass flying around will lead to home accidents or injury.

Think Value And Energy Efficiency!

Hurricane impact windows aren’t cheap when compared to standard windows. Nevertheless, it is a worthy investment! When you install them, they raise the value of your property and minimize your insurance cost. Since they are designed to last for years, you would not have to change them often.

In addition, hurricane-resistant windows are energy-efficiency as they offer impressive insulation. During summer, impact-resistant windows enhance the effectiveness of your AC and reduce heat as a result of Ultra violet resistant properties. Ultimately, it reduces your electricity bill at the end of the month. In addition, hurricane-resistant windows limit noise pollution. Thus, you can have peace of mind if you reside in a traffic-congested region.

Undoubtedly, hurricane impact windows offer more value than regular windows. If you need a window that offers the highest level of protection against storms, guarantees a high return on investment, enhances your home value, and reduces electricity bills, invest in impact-resistant windows today! But how do you get quality ones? Contact us now!


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