Are you living in a hurricane-prone area? You should consider installing impact front doors in your home. Doors play huge roles in securing the home, so you need to opt for the right one. While Miami is a great place to live in, it’s often affected by storms and hurricanes. Thanks to impact-resistant doors, homes are protected against heavy downpours, storms, and other harsh weather conditions. If you’re looking for where to purchase these doors, Hurricane Home Protection Inc. is a notable company specializing in service and repair, product, supply, professional installations, and custom manufacturing. Miami residents can attest to our quality service. 


What Are The Benefits Of Installing Impact Front Doors?


While numerous people are knowledgeable about these doors, not many can tell their benefits. Below are some of the merits of installing impact doors.

  • Protection: With impact doors, you’re guaranteed safety from burglars, intruders, and harsh weather conditions. These doors are built to resist strong winds. Owing to their sturdy frames, they are firm and hard to break. Do you want to install impact doors in your home? Ensure it complies with the building codes in your area.
  • Lowers Energy Consumption: Impact glass is known to be energy efficient. A recent study reveals that doors with impact glass reduce heat loss and energy consumption by 40%. Save more by installing these resistant doors.
  • Noise Protection: Besides protecting your home from harmful elements, impact doors reduce noise emanating from outside. These doors are suitable for noise-prone areas such as homes situated close to playgrounds and highways.
  • Exist In Different Styles: Impact doors exist in various styles to suit clients’ preferences and home designs. Little wonder why Miami residents are opting for these doors. The doors are usually of different colors and frames. 


Other Advantages Of Impact-Resistant Doors


  • Reduction On Insurance Premium: Most construction companies and insurance providers recommend impact doors for guaranteed protection. You’re assured one-time investment when you install these doors. Make sure you check your insurance policy before installing them.
  • Increased Property Value: Do you know why most Miami residents choose impact doors? They prefer these doors because it increases home value, especially when the house is up for sale. Besides adding beauty to the home, the doors enhance security. It’s no surprise buyers are ready to purchase properties with these features.
  • Protects Against Ultraviolet Rays: Ultraviolet (UV) rays lead to the deterioration of fabrics, furniture, and other items in the home. Installing impact doors reduces the penetration of these rays to the barest minimum. They block up to 99% of sun rays.


What’s The Difference Between Standard Doors And Impact Doors?


Standard doors are usually crafted from wood or aluminum, while impact doors are made of sturdy materials tested and trusted to resist unfavorable weather conditions. Homes with standard doors are vulnerable to storms and hurricanes. Being reinforced with thick frames, impact doors provide the best protection.


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